Mel Collie | Distracted ?

Mel Collie | Distracted ?

Did you fire up your device with intention to check an email

Send a message

Watch a clip on Vimeo/You Tube

Write an article

How long did it take you

Got off your path by ” I will just look at that link”

“I will just check that a sec..”

“I need to know that..must watch that video”

You are Busy …right?

Busy being distracted

We train for that daily..we get good at what we train at

Athletes at distraction.

So choose one daily task like showering or washing up

Just one

For today. .dont be distracted when you do that task

Focus with intention. ..with intent

Be fully aware in the moment

Be aware when you get sidetracked

How long did it take?

Not long huh…me too..

Hard isn’t it?

How can you make it easier. ..

Keep practicing

Thats how athletes become athletes


Mel Collie

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